The 10 Bookkeeping Basics You Can’t Ignore

The 10 Bookkeeping Basics You Can’t Ignore

Although having a high school diploma is all one needs to become a bookkeeper, most firms prefer hiring individuals with higher education levels likebusiness and accountingcourses and/or degrees. Online Bookkeeping certification programs may require one to have a college coursework in accounting and have qualifications in different business fields to be outstanding among other job applicants. Also, it is essential to have a previous clerical experience and have familiarity with accounting software programs.

As businesses and firms increase, there will be the need for more bookkeepers to maintain financial records. The salary ranges between from $50,000 to $60,000. This adds up to about $20 to $ 30 per hour.

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OneUp falls short, however, in several areas. For example, OneUp does not have a reporting feature. It also does not allow for accounts payable management, check printing, and business portfolio tracking. According to OneUp’s support documents, once you set up a currency or accounting method (cash or accrual), you cannot change it unless you delete all your transactions and start completely over. The Sunrise Growing plan is a solid choice for small business owners looking for a QuickBooks alternative and who also do not want to hire an in-house bookkeeper full time.

These careers require many of the same skills and attributes. However, important differences exist in the nature of work conducted in each career and what is required to be successful.


The bookkeeper prepares the books and makes accurate financial records available. The accountant is like the food critic. The accountant will dig deeper into the financial records and analyze the business’s finances. An accountant can advise you on ways to conserve costs and increase profits and help you understand the financial impact of business decisions.

ABC Inc.’s accounting system shows an increase in its cash account for $50,000 and an increase in its shareholders’ equity account by $50,000. Both of these accounts are balance sheet accounts.

This is the equivalent of around $35,000 per year, assuming a 40-hour workweek. The advantage of hourly pay is you receive 1.5 times your normal wage for hours worked in excess of 40 per week. In bookkeeping, extra hours are common during the busy season of January to April.

Our bookkeepers and accountants are updated with the changing market scenarios and are skilled to work on emerging tools and technologies. By outsourcing your requirements to us, you can save about 50% of your costs and concentrate more on your core competencies.

  • That’s why it could make more sense for you to have a virtual bookkeeping service like Bench run and manage QuickBooks for you.
  • Bench will take care of all of your income and expenses for you and generate the reports that you need to file your tax returns.
  • Bookkeepers and accounting firms should reach out to clinicians and doctors in their area to offer their services.
  • They record financial transactions, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, billing, purchasing, and overdue bills.
  • I’m a big fan of the Dummies series.
  • Earning an associate’s degree in book keeping is enough to get an entry level book keeping job and can be transferred into a four year university course.

In the simplest of terms, bookkeeping is responsible for the recording of financial transactions whereas accounting is responsible for interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing the financial data. You wouldn’t go to the doctor and ask to only have your legs checked. You want a comprehensive exam!


This is where administrative tasks come in. Speaking of number crunching, that job duty is actually more common to bookkeeping than to accounting. Companies task bookkeepers with tasks such as recording journal entries and conducting bank reconciliations. As a bookkeeper, your attention to detail must be almost preternatural. Careless mistakes that seem inconsequential at the time can lead to bigger, costlier, more time-consuming problems down the road.

Bank feeds link up your accounting software with your business bank account, allowing you to see each transaction in real time. You can successfully find bookkeeping clients by looking for businesses that are recruiting full-time or part-time bookkeepers.


The client uses an industry-specific estimating program to calculate the job, then provides the bookkeeper with the total. They then enter the estimates into their QuickBooks Online account and create or progress invoices as the project moves along. The most important task for any bookkeeper is to reconcile your financial accounts. Account reconciliation ensures that transaction details in your accounting software match transaction details on your bank account statements, credit card statements, and other financial account statements.

Intuit QuickBooks is North America’s leading small business accounting software. Millions of businesses use QuickBooks to manage their small business accounting. We’re proud to be the only Intuit-endorsed QuickBooks training partner. Demand for bookkeepers, accountants, and clerks is rising. This has resulted in a rise inbookkeeper salary.

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Next you’ll want to consider a business credit card to start building business credit. Corporations and LLCs are required to use a separate credit card Bookstime to avoid commingling personal and business assets. After you’ve legally registered your business, you’ll need somewhere to stash your business income.

You will also take courses in general business concepts and management techniques. You may specialize by choosing electives in an area of interest, such as banking or taxation. Online education is a great choice if you have already started your career and want to branch out, or if you live very far away from schools offering the program you need.

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